Seaquest starring Ted RaimiThe Timothy O'Neill Seaquest Episode Guide

By Rickey

This episode guide has a slightly different slant. A brief summary of the episodes with a focus on the role of our favorite adorable communications officer.

<---Tim here is in front of key Lieutenant J.G. Timothy O'Neill character development episodes.

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Season 1

Cast and Notable Guest Stars

"To Be or Not to Be" (2hr pilot EP 1& 2)--- The show opens with some history scenes. The Seaquest is a NORPAC vessel and war crazy Capt.Marilyn Stark is relieved of command by Commander Ford at Livingston Trench. Skip 13 months later, Seaquest is refitted for scientific research as the flagship of the newly formed UEO. Admiral Noyce sneakily works with Ford to recruit former SQ designer Capt. Nathan Bridger to take command. Stark sabotaged the SQ. Bridger wins a face off with Stark with the help of Darwin. We're introduced to all the first season regulars in this one. Tim is in most of the bridge scenes with a few supporting lines. You do however get the introduction that Tim and Miguel are buddies. Also Tim is one of the few original crew members along with Ford to serve under Stark.

"The Devil's Window" (EP 3)---This is a pretty big Tim episode. SQ is doing experiments at a black smoker and toxic bacterial strains cause Darwin to be ill. Great Tim scenes follow where he"hears" Darwin talk to him then helps Bridger take him to c-deck through the hydrotubes. His claustrophobic panic kicks in. Tim's extremely passionate and sensitive to Darwin the rest of the episode. He works with Lucas to find the wet one's original pod. Very moving scene as well - "I think we found Darwin's mother." In the end Darwin's cured when his dolphin pod gives him seaweed medicine. Dr. Raliegh Young's magma buoy is launched which shows up again later in the season.


"Treasure of the Mind" (EP 4)--- SeaQuest, while on a routine mission, discovers the "Great Library of Alexandria." The ESP folks show up to help deal with all the different confederations staking claim. Not much more than communications officer Tim here. We do get to hear his Lebanese. In most episodes when Tim is not a featured character, he is usually on the bridge playing operator and serving as a universal translator. Possibly one of the most memorable bits from this episode is Lucas having the hots for Hitchcock inclusive of a "wet" dream.

"Games" (EP 5)---Dr. Rubin Zellar, was cryogenically imprisoned. He escapes pretending to be the warden and is rescued by Seaquest. He's an evil piece of work; loves killing with exotic chemicals and viruses (including Westphalen's brother). During most of this episode, Zellar plays mindgames with the crew. Bridger and Westphalen are featured in this episode. Tim's manning the phones.

"Treasures of the Tonga Trench" (EP 6)---After his " SeaCrab" is attacked by some giant squid thing, Krieg discovers luminescent rocks that he thinks will sell well on the mainland. He recruits the crew to help him harvest the crop and tries to keep the Captain from finding out. In the end the rocks are poop from the giant luminescent beast and smell up the ship. All this during a military inspection. Tim gets sucked into participating in Krieg's plan.

"Brothers and Sisters" (EP 7)---The Seaquest has orders to destroy an old munitions depot. They find kids that have been alone for a few years (little Lord of Flies goin' on) whose parents were killed while trying to dock their minisub. Lucas hooks up with Kellie Martin playing one of the teenaged kids. Tim handles the phones again.

"Give Me Liberte" (EP 8)---The Seaquest stumbles upon an old French space ship in the ocean deep. Several of the crew (including Ford) check it out and catch the deadly dimentia causing virus. Bridger leaves to find a surviving scientist astronaut to help save the crew. Katie has to take command because Ford has lost it. Tim is yet again Mr. Communications.

"Knight of Shadows" (EP 9)---To me, this is in a tie for the goofiest 1st season episode along with Abalon. Little did I know just where the second season was going. The Quest forms as little landing party (not Tim) and they explore a hundred year old haunted ship.

"Bad Water" (EP 10)---This episode rates high with a lot of Questies. "Welcome to the Bermuda Triangle" - The Seaquest has to rescue a French sightseeing sub filled with school children stuck in a fresh water sink hole. Meanwhile, shuttle MR-7 falls into a sink hole and Ford, Westphalen, Kreig, and Wolenczak are forced to do an emergency assent and hang out in a life raft in the eye of a hurricaine. Not to mention the power on SQ goes out and they have to handle everything one station at a time powered by one WSKR. Tim speaks a lot of French in this episode but is most remembered for his telling everyone to "BE QUIET!" They've resuced the French kids and are celebrating when Tim hears Lucas' morse code on a camera winder and realizes that the missing crew is directly above them.

"The Regulator" (EP11)---The air-conditioning chip is toast. Everyone is sweating and irritable. Kreig contacts the Regulator, a bizarre black market dealer with a chimp sidekick (no really). Turns out the Regulator was a boy genius like Lucas, but burnt out on society. Lucas first admires the guy then changes his tune when Darwin is Dolphin napped. Not much Tim in this episode.

"SeaWest" (EP 12)--- Apparently underwater mining colonies are much like the old west during the gold rush. The orginal prospector and family are being held hostage by a rough bunch. Hitchcock goes in undercover as a lounge singer. Sea West tends to rate low on a lot of Questie's lists and deservedly so. Not to mention this is pretty much a Tim-less episode.

"Photon Bullet" (EP 13)---Mycroft (played by ST:Voyager's Tim Tuvak Russ) runs a world communications hub, Node 3 manned by teenage computer hackers. He recruits Lucas (the king of all teen hackers) to crack the security of the World Bank computer thus allowing Node 3 to control the money of the world and thus change its politics to be more "humanitarian." Of course, Lucas realizes that this is the wrong way to bring about change and decides to do the right thing. Lucas also falls for Julianna and meets hacking buddy Wolfman (played by Seth Green). If you haven't guessed it yet this is a heavy Lucas episode, and Tim's relegated to ship operator.

"Better Than Martians" (EP 14)---We meet Commander Scott Keller. He and Bridger go way back. First manned mission to Mars ship splashdowns into hostile waters. Seaquest races to save them. There's also evidence of prehistoric snail life on Mars. Big deal we meet real aliens later. Tim's on the phones again.

"Nothing But The Truth" (EP 15)---Skeleteon crew are on board for a hull siphen experiment - Ford, Kreig, Hitchcock, Lucas, and Crocker. Alas not Tim; another Tim-less episode, but one I still always liked. Militant green party types take over Seaquest to shut down corporate pollutors. Ford leads the others in a SWAT team type mission to retake the boat.

"Greed For A Pirate's Dream" (EP 16)---The Dr. Young's magma buoy from the Devil's Window pops up on an island thus predicting a massive volcanic eruption. Seaquest have trouble evacuating treasure hunters who have just discovered a famous treasure since they can't tell them why they need to evacuate, because it's classified. Puh-lease. Tim's relegated to operator again. Westphalen decides to fire a slew of torpedos into the magma bed to thwart the eruption. When the UEO questions why she used so many, she even gets to say "Damn the torpedos and full steam ahead."

"Whale Song" (EP 17)---Max Scully, a radical environmentalist, begins torpedoing illegal whaling ships, but when one of his torpedoes accidentally hits and sinks a cruise liner killing hundreds of people, Bridger is ordered to hunt him down and sink his sub. Future Questie alert: Peter Deluise is one of Scully's crew. In the end his sub is sunk but Scully swims away. Communications desk Tim. Also of note: Cute side plot of Ben trying to cook an outlawed cheeseburger. He even sings a little Jimmy Buffet. Tim likes meatless patties instead.

"The Stinger" (EP 18)---Lucas and Hitchcock enter a single seated minisub design competition with their invention the Stinger (or is it a Gazelle...) Only an evil corportion destroys it to ensure themselves the contract. They've got 24 hours and nothing to show for their UEO grant money. Tim helps them rebuild the Stinger overnight. You get to see him doing some manual labor in this episode. There's also a cute scene where Tim and Miguel tease Ben about his piloting skills.

"Hide and Seek" (EP 19)---More Darwin dreams for Tim in this one. Actually everyone seems to be dreaming about Darwin these days, only Tim is the most freaked out by it. William Shatner guest stars as Milos Teslov, evil eastern European dictator wanted for all sorts of war crimes who's toting along his young son who won't communicate with him. Turns out Darwin has been in his dreams too. Darwin helps the boy with his memories and emotions. Teslov surrenders to his enemies who are threatening to blow up the Seaquest for harboring him. Tim uses his Slavic language skills in this episode.


"The Last Lap of Luxury" (EP 20)---The Secretary General is in cahoots with corporate power mongers to keep the new UEO charter from being signed by kidnapping the heads of state and one misplaced Lucas. This is the disappearing room episode that slowly fills with water. Holy hijinks Batman- Bridger has to get the Bat-cables climb through the air vents and cut the room open with the Bat-laser. Of note: Tim shows himself to be handy in computer rendering in this episode when he cuts and pastes the UEO ambassadors into some stock Seaquest video.

"Abalon" (EP 21)---Argghh this episode is truly bizarre. Not just that Charlton Heston has been biologically altering/engineering humans to be able to breathe under water and Ford is his next victim, but the that the secondary plot in this episode is so far removed from the first. This episode is something of Dawson's Creek meets Outer Limits. Lucas meets up with Julianna again and contemplates having sex. Ben's conversation with Lucas about after shave, comdoms and being "stupid" is priceless. Tim's his typical supporting bridge persona in this ep. Little did I know that the gill people would be showing up again when the character of Tony Piccolo is added to the 2nd season manifest.

"Such Great Patience" (EP 22)---Seaqust stumbles upon a million year old space ship with visiting silicon based life forms- well sort of. Commander Scott Keller leads a boarding party of Tim (yay), Krieg and Crocker. Tim wrestles with what discovering extra-terrestrial life does to his faith. He also has some great moments of fear and terror (using his old Evil Dead/Darkman scream) aboard the alien ship as well as a scene where he tries to greet the alien in every language he knows. In the end the aliens are holograms (the lifeforms are long dead), and it's dolphin language that they use to send the aliens a secret (from the UEO) invitation back.


"The Good Death" (EP 23)---The evil Amazonian Confederation is killing poor children as population control. The Quest crew runs intoWestphalen's daughter saving a bunch of kids. They use Tim like a universal translator again. During the rescue, Ford, Shan, Westphalen & injured daughter are forced to hide in the ghetto when the Amazonian military gets involved. Tim can speak Portugese, but he obviously wouldn't fit in a third world country, so Miguel gets to help save them instead.

"An Ocean On Fire" (aka Higher Power EP 24)---Lawerence Wolenczak (Lucas' lousy dad) heads up the World Power project only to see it fail and possibly cause catastrophic destruction. But the story starts out with a happy world holiday and one of the most memorable SQ beefcake scenes. A veritable cornucopia of men playing volley ball in slow motion set to rock gospel music. Ford, Shan, Ortiz, Krieg, Bridger and Lucas sweat, jump, dive and serve in the hot sun. Too bad, Tim sits on the sidelines with Zinca on his nose. After Seaquest has been destroyed in order to save the world the crew muse about what they're gonna do with themselves, Tim, Shan, & Miguel get to rag on Krieg.


Season 2

Cast and Notable Guest Stars

"Daggers"(2hr season opener EP 25 & 26)---Genetically engineered life forms (GELFs - aka Daggers) were produced during the so-called Dark Age of Genetics. But when they were outlawed, they ended up prisoners. The Daggers revolt (lead by Mariah -yes we see her again later in the season) and threaten the lives of all humans. The newly wet Seaquest II must save the day. We are introduced to the new crew members: Wendy, Tony, Brody, Lonnie and Dagwood. Tim it seems has been working on building the new SQ the last 2 years (with Bridger, Ford, Lucas, and Miguel). As he's working on the communications equipment for the shakedown voyage, he gets trapped under a big pipe. Dagwood saves him and becomes his instant friend. At the end of the episode we see Tim doing laundry and organizing his underwear by days of the week. Lonnie flirts with our lovely Lieutenant.

"Fear That Follows" (EP 27)---The aliens from "Such Great Patience" return. The UEO makes a lousy host. As Brody puts it best - Lucas gets his butt kissed by 2 planets (barf). Tim hangs out on the bridge and handles the communications and alien tracking. In the end it's as if the aliens never came. (only Lucas knows - double barf). Tim has a great line regarding Dagwood's drawing - "Can I read Temecuan? I'm not that boring, am I?"

"Sympathy For the Deep" (EP 28)---An old flame of Bridger asks for help when her "ideal" undersea colony goes insane. Turns out the founder has been psycically removing all the "evil" and now the "evil" is taking control. Kind of like when the "grid" in Ghostbusters became too full and all the bad ghosts broke loose. Tim has just a small supporting role in this one. The evil incarnate spooks him.

Vapors" (EP 29)---4 plots in this shore leave episode: Dom Deluise (Dagwood and Tony's real life father) guests as Piccolo's dad. Tony and Lucas flirt with a babe who turns out to be Tony's mother on dangerous youth drugs. Bridger & Wendy deal with feelings for each other. Brody, Ford, & Miguel scout for the perfect babes to bring to Bridger's BBQ. And of course the Tim and Lonnie date. He's an old fashioned romantic and Lonnie likes modern hype. Tim ends up with an icecream sudae in the face when he calls her tastes "vapid." Ouch! Though, I did think he deserved it even if she was obviously not the gal for him. They show up a the BBQ together, but that's the last of their romance. This is just the start of Lonnie's conquests. The writers had a field day over the next 2 seasons fixing her up with almost everybody.


"Playtime" (EP 30)---Space-time alert: Seaquest ends up 225 years into the future where human beings are almost extinct due to computer modernization. In order to get back to the past the crew must create a future by hooking up "Adam" and "Eve" and taking the Census (all powerful & knowing) computer off line. Tim hangs out on the bridge in support.

"The Sincerest Form Of Flattery" (EP 31)---An unmanned renegade sub is firing missiles. Seaquest must hunt it down. The sub turns out to be controlled by a virtual version of the old Bridger, aha, he must face himself. Tim hangs out on the bridge in support and offers a little prayer.

"By Any Other Name" (EP 32)---Man eating plants. Nuff said. Tim's got a tiny part in this one. Thank goodness.

"When We Dead Awaken" (EP 33)---Brody's mother is reanimated after 20 years in cryo-sleep and is targeted by folks in high places who tried to kill her for witnessing a murder. Just supporting Tim in this episode. He has some shore leave scenes with Brody, Piccolo and Lucas and later on SQ he helps out Brody. Tim also dishes out the sarcasm in this one. Good episode to watch if you like to drool over Brody.

"Special Delivery" (EP 34)---When Dagwood is convicted of the brutal murder of his creator, he breaks out of custody to find out the truth, that his genetic "brother," who is identical to him, is the true killer. Ford, Brody and Lonnie (ugh) try to give Dagwood one really nice last night of freedom. Darwin says the classic, "Sometimes differenct Darwins, sometimes different Dagwoods." Tim's just hanging out on the bridge again.

"Dead End" (EP 35)---Lucas, Brody, O'Neill, and Henderson follow a distress signal from an explorer trapped in a cavern deep in the ocean floor. They become trapped too as their ship is damaged. Tim breaks his leg during the hellish ride in. They decide to fit the pod with the thrusters from the downed shuttle so that they can escape when the water comes back in. The problem? Five people, only oxygen for four (at most for a few minutes). Tim unselfishly offers to stay behind and talks of his faith in an after life. Don't worry, they all make it out in the end. There's a scary moment when Tim's mask runs out of oxygen and he passes out. Brody shares his mask. I must yell at the writers- They had to add the giant worms from Dune, didn't they. I thought this episode would've been just fine without them. Go to the Index of Quicktime Movies for clips from this episode.

"Meltdown" (EP 36)---Yet another classic silly 2nd season episode...We meet Ford's family and a giant prehistoric recently thawed aligator. Lucky for Ted he only had a small support role in this one. In the end Ted helps the crew return the beast to hibernation and store it back in the ice cap. He looks on in horror, much as we do.

"Lostland" (EP 37)---Our lovable Ted penned this episode. It's always been one of my favorites - discovery of Atlantis, evil curses, half naked Miguel wielding a big sword and of course, a nice Tim part. O'Neill shows off his skills by translating an ancient language and defends his work to a snooty professor (Earnst?). There's some great banter between the two of them about the origins of the helmet and sword found at the bottom of the ocean. "...five days of struddel.", "I could make it say it's from ... Pittsburgh." At the end the celestial chart in the helmet is a clever touch. Go to the Index of Quicktime Movies for many clips from this episode.


"And Everything Nice" (EP 38)--- OK, OK, I know this is really a Lucas episode, but I've marked it with a "Tim" for the opening sequence. Lucas, Miguel, Tony, Dagwood and Tim are sailors on the town. Tony leads them to the Virtual Dreams place. Tony dreams of being a rock star. Miguel conjures up this civil war scene with Lonnie as a belle that he's charmed. Dagwood simply plays with Darwin. Tim is this Jules Verne creation of an Erol Flynn type captain of the Seaquest. He's manly. The females swoon. And Roy Scheider does his best "O'Neill" impersonation complete with neurotic typing and glasses sliding down his nose. See the clip at Index of Quicktime Movies. The rest of the episode deals with Lucas falling for the daughter of a UEO scientist gone bad, who uses him to get control of Seaquest.

"Dream Weaver" (EP 39)---Luke Skywalker, I mean, Mark Hamil guests as Dr. Tobias LeConte. Scott Keller is in this one too. Tobias turns out to be an alien whose home planet's (Hyperion) bad guys (Kraytax) are hunting him down. Man are they ugly. The Quest crew help save him (and an alien posessed Lonnie). Keller and LeConte leave together to explore the galaxy. Tim has just a small part in this lead in to the season finale. He provides technical support and has a scene where he tries to save Lonnie from being attacked by the bad alien. Go to the Index of Quicktime Movies for clips from this episode.

"Alone" (EP 40)---An evil psychic, The Avatar, is zapping all the UEO officials into comas. Wendy has to save the day. There's a trippy scene that reminds you of the old movie "Coma". Tim handles the switchboard in this one.

"Watergate" (EP 41)---Miguel falls for a hot singer that the Seaquest is escorting to a UEO show. The singer becomes posessed by Minerva, Lonnie becomes posessed by Medusa (snakes and all), and Miguel by Neptune ("Neptune? I'm Cuban?"). Tim is quite the expert on Greek mythology in this episode (hmmmm, perhaps he is Joxer reincarnated). A lot of folks hate this episode, but how can you miss one of the best Tim lines ever...."I'm Catholic Captain. I believe in anything that makes me nervous."

"Something In The Air" (EP 42)---a Pandora's box is discovered. Tim, Brody, Ford and some science staff at an old military site have to deal with the evil from the box. People die. Scary stuff. One of the female docs seems to have a little crush on our Tim, who wouldn't. Deciphering the engraving on the box,Tim figures out that if they can get the thing in the airlock then they can pump the vacuum and put the evil back in the box. Tim also declares that he's a vegetarian as well as this vintage Tim quote: "The more I read, the more questions I have. Every time I go past a library, I get an anxiety attack." Go to the Index of Quicktime Movies for clips from this episode.


"Dagger Redux" (EP 43)---Power hungry bad guy breaks the GELF Mariah out of prison to help him take out Seaquest. Meanwhile, Tim is disallusioned with his life aboard SQ. A dark and brooding Tim doesn't see his value or think that he fits in. He tries to give his resignation to Bridger, who doesn't want to see him go and tells him to take a temporary leave instead. So Mr. O'Neill travels to a lovely beach town to paint (he should keep his day job). Mariah shows up, first seduces him then zaps him with these electrodes and hauls him away. Later, on her attack sub, she electrically tortures Tim again to get the SQ stealth codes out of him. He blacks out from the pain and gives her the codes. She attacks SQ (There's some neat Brody / Ford conflict on the bridge after the Captain is injured saving Lucas and has to go to sick bay). But in the end she loses. So Mariah uses Tim as a hostage to negotiate her escape. Tim tells Ford to blow her up, even if it means killing him too. Ford instead trades O'Neill's safe return for her getaway. The rest of the crew agree with his decision.

"The Siamese Dream" (EP 44)---Jon Brandis co-wrote this one. An old psychic lover of Wendy's uses his power to get on Seaquest to try and steal a rare chemical. The dude has engineered himself to live on this highly explosive stuff, disgusting. Ted's barely in this episode. It's mostly Wendy, Piccolo, Dagwood and Lucas.

"Blindsided" (EP 45)---Piccolo's featured. Tony's plane crashes and he has to battle an invisible war beast of sorts. This is a Tim-less episode. Lucky Ted.

"Splashdown" (EP46)---Season finale. Keller & Tobias Leconte show up again. Seaquest is transported to the planet Hyperion and end up in the middle of a planetary civil war. There's all sorts of fighting and danger in this cliff hanger. Bridger and a bunch of folks are trapped in the station that they have to destroy to prevent the planet from flooding. The SQ has been hulled by an underwater mine. Tim does a lot of praying in this episode. He's on SQ when it's hit. It ends with Bridger blowing up the station with much of the crew still on it, the SQ sinking, and Lucas and Dagwood in a little life raft with Darwin swimming by them. Are the rest all dead? Has the show been picked up for next fall?


Season 3

Cast and Notable Guest Stars

"Brave New World" (EP47)---Well the series was picked up for another season, so just how do they get out of last season's cliffhanger? Ten years after her disappearance (2032) the world has changed. Seaquest magically reappears in a cornfield and the crew (those who made it back) are scattered around the globe. Ford shows up in a hotel room with Lonnie- hmmm? Tim, Brody and Piccolo reappear in a sleazy bar. Lucas is wet with very long hair walking along the shore of New Cape Quest. No sooner than you can say "Captain Oliver Hudson" is SQ and her crew back in the water fighting the Macronesian Alliance. Tim has to work hard to get SQ back in operation. Bridger discovers a grandson when he reappeard, so he retires to look for his long lost presumed dead son Robert. Hudson who's devoted much of his life to the search for SQ takes command and the crew somehow try to piece their lives back together. JJ Fredericks joins the crew as Hudson's favorite pilot. The vessel is now all military so Lucas enlists as an ensign (Darwin is an ensign too).

"In The Company Of Ice And Profit" (EP48)---Ben Krieg shows up as the leader of Macronesian refugees on a runaway iceberg. Lucas has to talk Ben off the iceburg so that SQ can destroy it before it causes flooding of the African coast. Deon International has a hand in it as well as Macronesian President Bourne. There's an interesting scene at the beginning where Tim, Lucas and Tony try to get into a Deon Intl. bar. On the bridge, Tim doesn't perform to Hudson's standards and takes a lashing from his new Captain.

"Smoke On The Water" (EP49)--- We meet Hudson's old flame, Elaine Morse. Haulers are disappearing so Seaquest is brought in for security. It turns out to Deon International behind the mayhem. Tim's ship operator in this one too.

"Destination Terminal" (EP50)---Lucas along with Lonnie and Ford (on a date) are on the Omni-Pacific (San Francisco - Bejing) and have to thwart Deon's/Mason Freeman's sabotage of the train. Tim handles the phones yet again. Of honerable mention is Don Fraklin's sexy dancing.

"Chains of Command" (EP51)---Hudson, Lucas and Dagwood are at the outpost of a renegade UEO Commander hell bent on destroying the earth. First Ford has to struggle with blowing the whole place up, if the Hudson et. al. don't succeed by a certain time. Then Ford is injured in an attack and by the chain of command, Brody takes the bridge and wrestles with the same situation. He of course follows orders, blows up the outpost, only to find out that the 'Quest crew members have escaped in the nick of time (big shocker). Tim's on the bridge the whole time and offers advice and support.

"Spindrift" (EP52)---When rescuing spindrift children in Macronesian waters, Henderson is captured and sentenced to death. There are things that I love and I hate about this episode. I liked the overall plot. I hated Lonnie's melodrama. I loved Tim with a gun. It was interesting to see Tim as a "Navy soldier." I loved the way Tim (& the others) were ready to risk their lives and careers to get Lonnie out. I hated that Jim died, but it was done well. Small tidbit; it's cute in the opening when Tim is telling Lonnie that he always writes on the back side of paper to save trees.Go to the Index of Quicktime Movies for clips from this episode.


"Equilibrium" (EP54)---There's a dangerous ocean virus. A renegade Nathan Bridger tries to stop SQ from treating it per Lucas' recommendations (they disagree). Hudson is forced to fire on Bridger. In the end Lucas & Bridger make peace and work together to save the ocean. Tim's disallusion is strong in this ep. He takes a stand against Hudson at the idea of firing on his former captain. He also retreats to the moon pool to seek solace from Darwin and later with Lucas.


"Resurrection" (EP55)---This ep marks the return of Max Scully (1st season ep Whale Song) as a now pardoned UEO ambassador of a model undersea colony "Utopia." He attacks a nuclear weapons depot using Seaquest's lasers as a detonator by taking over the ship remotely and turning life support to minimum. Everybody passes out but Dagwood. Lucas, Hudson and Elaine Morse are the real focus of this episode, but once again Tim speaks up for his beliefs. He admonishes Scully for what he's done and is amazed that the UEO has pardoned him.

"Good Soldiers" (EP56)---Bridger "borrows" Lucas, Ford and Dagwood for a mission to a Macronesian base to recover memory crystals that store information about the GELFs from the "Dark Age of Genetics." This episode deals with the GELF research much like the torturous human experiments performed by the Nazi's during WW2. Once again the disallusioned Tim commiserates with Darwin about being on the Hudson commanded SQ.

"Second Chance" (EP57)---Space time alert: The seaquest travels back to 1962 in the middle of the Cuban Missile Crisis to prevent nuclear war. They've gone to the future, now they travel to the past. Similar mind bending space time issues that pop up in Star Trek. Tim mans the phones once again as Ford, Lucas, Tony and Lonnie head up the shore party.

"Brainlock" (EP53)---(shown out of order- actually takes place directly after Chains of Command) The entire UEO is on the brink of being dissolved from a plot by President Bourne and Larry Deon to prevent the new UEO Charter from being ratified. Bourne and Deon take control of Fredricks' chip and control her mind to use her as an assassin to kill McGath before he can swear the new charter into law. Brody and Hudson help to save the day. Tim plays operator.

"Reunion" (EP58)---While touring a forced labor colony outside the UEO, Henderson finds her first love among the prisoners. Led by Mason Freeman, who was also being held there, the prisoners escaped in a mini-sub to a research base where they take Henderson and Wolenczak hostage as well as the scientists at the base. Not much Tim in this one, that I can remember.

"Weapons of War" (EP59)---The ultimate Tim Episode. By coincidence, this was the last episode made before the axe. Tim's got a mystery girlfriend on the Internex. They speak all sorts of foreign languages to each other and are finally going to meet. She turns out to be a defecting Chou-Dai fighter pilot, Heiko Kimura. Hudson fumes at Tim. The Chou-Dai attack a Macronesian ship as well as SQ to get her and their technology back. Fredricks is killed in the fighting. There's an amazing scene where Tim confronts Kimura. It culminates with "I trusted you, and you used me." That scene chokes me up everytime. It's a great piece of acting by Ted very emotionally raw. As the fighting continues, Kimura is going to give herself up for the sake of peace but Tim intercepts her on the way to launch bay. He pilots her ship off SQ, sets the auto pilot and swims back through the hydrotubes just as the Chou-Dai blow it up. Hudson is furious, but impressed with Tim for a change. Kimura tries to thank Tim and make up, but he's once bitten- twice shy and won't forgive her. If the series had continued Kimura would have been added to the SQ crew. Go to the Index of Quicktime Movies for many clips from this episode.

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